• Mission

    We aspire to contribute to society 

    by offering beauty for all.

  • What We Do

    We define "beauty" as everything that triggers internal pleasures through stimulating people's senses,

    perception and feeling.

    We inspire people through providing innovation in the beauty industry in SEA.

    Best Of Beauty Edits

    Connecting you to aspirational beauty with inspirational stories, latest trends, product reviews, and beauty experts by the best people in the industry.

    Searching platform for beauty salons

    We connect customers with beauty salons.

    We Help Beauty Salons Business, Marketing, Branding, Hiring.
    Connect targeted customers to salons.

  • Who We Are

    Ryotaro Akashi


    Ryotaro started ASPIRIA in March 2016. Prior to ASPIRIA, he worked as a researcher in REAPRA.

    Earlier in his career, he was in health care division of Mitsubishi Corporation.

    He graduated from University of Tokyo with B.A. in Economics

    Yendy Fang

    Sales & Marketing

    I'm Yendy from Aspiria Marketing company. Graduated from TARUC
    I'm a responsible person which always finish my task by the time given.

    Now in charge of Sales & Marketing for theStyles.my new web service for salon search platform.

    Citra Naya

    Public Relations Coordinator

    I'm Citra Naya a Public Relations Coordinator for theCovets.com

    I graduated from Multimedia University Malaysia with Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Marketing with Multimedia.

    I'm a marketer who loves wanderer & K-Beauty

  • Group

    Parent company

    REAPRA PTE LTD is the parent corporation of ASPIRIA PTE. LTD. and the holding company of the group.

  • Recruitment

    We are looking for founding members in Malaysia

    Software Engineer


    - Experience with PHP or Java and JavaScript in Linux/Unix environment.
    - Knowledge of RESTful routing and proper MVC architecture
    - Experience dealing with 3rd-party APIs
    - Database design, performance tuning and optimization. (MySQL/PostgreSQL)
    - Experience with modern web development (Agile, Immutable Infrastructure, TDD, ChatOps, CI, etc.)
    - Experience with developing API for mobile apps.

    Bonus points if you have:

    - Experience with Android application development (Java and/or Kotlin)
    - Experience with ship one or more Android apps to Google Play Store
    - Experience with the test, build, release engineering cycle
    - Knowledge of Android design patterns and best practices
    - Usability oriented mindset - Knowledge of Android design patterns and best practices
    - Experience with automated testing framework
    - Experience with iOS application development
    - Product design experience with focus on user analytics

    UI Designer

    - Experience with UI designing mobile and web products
    - Experience with prototyping mobile and web products
    - Knowledge and understanding of Adobe products or Illustrator and Photoshop or similar tools (like Sketch)
    - Communication skills to explain design decisions and thought process


    Bonus points if you have:

    - B.S. or M.S. Product design
    - Understanding of design guideline for iOS/Android apps
    - Experience with coding web products using HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    - Experience with prototyping in Interface Builder/Storyboard
    - Experience with facilitating user testing of your user interface mockups and prototypes to get feedback for quick iterations

    If you are interested in the position

    Please contact to info@aspiria.sg

  • Connect With Us

    79 Emerald Hill Road, Singapore 229355